STACS as a Service (SaaS)

STACS 200 was designed with confidence to meet NSA Suite B Cryptology. It is designed to provide security against any known adversary.

Market Overview

Everywhere we turn the term “the Cloud” is now accepted as a reliable, predicable, and effective alternative to traditional network infrastructure. The driver as we all might expect is cost. Software defined networks are being deployed everywhere in all markets managing and simplifying the user interface. The Federal government spends more than $2 billion acquiring cloud-based services supporting Defense, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs with projected growth of more than 2 to 1 versus traditional network expenditures. Worldwide Cloud base services in 2017 will exceed $240 Billion whereby the USA being the fastest growing with 50% of the market.


Why “STACS® as a Service” (SAAS)?

The STACS Secure Cloud (SSC) was successfully deployed in 2009 and has provided 24/7 worldwide support to STACS users with Six Sigma reliability. The STACS Secure Cloud meets or exceeds the FEDRAMP performance certification requirements. Simply, the end user with internet access authenticates with the SSC enabling SIP, Android, & IOS devices, Analog and Digital Radio components, Data transfer, Video, and Sensor information retrieval any place, any time worldwide.

​TODAY, EVERY GOVERNMENT AGENCY, MUNICIPALITY, TOWN, CITY, COMMUNITY, or BUSINESS should have access to reliable ON DEMAND communications, a necessity in today’s environment with both manmade and natural disasters projected to double in the years ahead.

STACS As A Service (SaaS)

provides an unprecedented suite of services for a fraction of the cost of other systems and solutions. Subscribers have the advantage of a monthly service charge for all network services with the option to cancel in One (1) Year. All maintenance and support is included in the program. The program is completely scalable and is template driven for simple customization by a network administrator. All the advantages of the STACS Technology without the burden of high upfront design and implementation costs, maintenance, while marginalizing the impact relating to system and component obsolescence.