STACS® Software Defined Network and Hardware components solve the challenges identified in this document. We used the SAFECOM Interoperability Continuum below for guidance as we developed and evolved our STACS® technology.

SAFECOM Interoperability

FEMA Team Evaluation Results
Piney Point, Maryland, July 2015
Training & Evaluation Review

1. Was the STACS® system assembled and operational® in less than 5 minutes? Yes _X_ No____ More Training ____ ​ 2. Was STACS® easy to Assembly? a. Could a trained Field Agent or First Responder assemble STACS® within minutes? Yes _X_ No____ More Training ____ ​ 3. Is STACS® easy to deploy? a. Could a trained Field Agent or First Responder deploy and operate STACS® within minutes? Yes _X_ No____ More Training ____ ​ 4. Was the product ONE primary component & designed for the environment, rugged and field worthy and provide a minimum of 12 hours of continuous operation? Yes _X_ No____ More Training ____ ​ 5. Did the system provide broad options regarding number of users and STACS® to STACS® communication? Yes _X_ No____ More Training ____ ​ 6. Were you informed about the ROIP capability and the available Notebook bridging Client? Yes _X_ No____ More Training ____ ​ 7. Were you informed that Android hand held devices were available versus the SIP phones quoted? Yes _X_ No____ More Training ____ ​ 8. Do you have confidence that the STACS® team can provide required support? Yes _X_ No____ More Training ____ ​ 9. Did STACS® provide relevant Past Performances? Yes _X_ No____ More Training ____ ​ 10. Were you informed that STACS® optimizes Satellite bandwidth reducing call costs by 70%? Yes _X_ No____ More Training ____ ​ 11. Would you recommend deployment to the Field offices if there was a need for Incident Mgt. Assistance Team (IMAT) to have a quick deployment interoperable option? Yes _X_ No____ More Training ____

FEMA 2011 Minot, North Dakota

In a disaster situation, communications between FEMA, federal, state and local agencies is critical. During life saving operations, preparations and recovery efforts, it’s important that members of emergency management team communicate with one another in real time. FEMA was in Minot, North Dakota, prior to the flooding and provided radios to each agency involved in the flood fight, all operating in a single frequency, enabling cross communications with all.

This scenario required FEMA to furnish radios to each agency.

STACS® Solution – STACS® enables each agency, to use their existing radio assets to communicate with ALL members of emergency response teams.